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Junior's Entertainment Group, Inc.

  Website       USA, Las Vegas, 87701     786.565.6734

About Junior's Entertainment Group, Inc.

“Traveling Worldwide Beating the Old Boring Sounds with Eclectic Waves full of Sophisticated-Fun...”
JUNIOR'S ENTERTAINMENT GROUP "Beating the Old Boring Sounds of Private Events with Eclectic Waves full of Sophisticated-fun" We take pride in setting itself apart from the competition by customizing an extraordinary entertainment experience for you and your guests.

We are best known for our signature band, Junior's Band Orchestra, which has a live music repertoire of more than 3,000 songs in 21 different genres in up to 9 Languages and our latest sensation: The Ice Breakers Band. We offer a full-production themed event that includes the latest technology in Emulator DJs, digital sound, LED screens, lasers and much more. All this can be enhanced with LED robots, different dancers/shows, and well-known artists from all over the globe.

Junior's Entertainment Group looks forward to celebrating with you and your distinguished guests to make your most memorable event even more unforgettable.

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Location : USA, Las Vegas, 87701