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Ukraine, Lviv

Working everywhere where loving hearts are

Australia, Melbourne

We provide creative services for advertising campaigns, modern events and creative weddings. For weddings we offer the best live music, photography and film in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Byron Bay...and everywhere in between.

Australia, Melbourne

Offering a unique and intimate approach to capturing weddings, naturally with minimal interruptions and direction - cinematography and photography

Greece, Afini

Knowing that wedding photography as an art is an everending field we never stop to what we have done up to now. We continue to collect valuable experiences and new knowlegde and use them for improving our work, making it more enjoyable and creative as time goes by with a target of being better and b...

Singapore, Singapore

Renowned for a wedding photography in Singapore, Fabian Leow specialises in actual day photography, Singapore and overseas pre-wedding photography, events photography and cinematic wedding videography. As a strong storyteller and visual artist, he is known for his creative, emotive images of people...

Singapore, Singapore

Infinite understands the value of a moment before it becomes a memory. This is a value that has been imbue to our photographers. Always with our client’s interest in mind, the team seeks to be a part of our clients’ efforts to observe and capture these moments regardless of their subtleness, immo...

Kenya, Nairobi

The universe is my inspiration, Africa is my land and Kenya is my home. I love to travel,play guitar and create art.

Singapore, Singapore

Joe is an Associate Master Photographer in the Wedding Photography Category, a testament to his capabilities as a professional photographer. This title is a recognition of Joe’s capabilities and achievements – cementing his status as a noted photographer in the eyes of not only his day to day custom...

Singapore, Singapore

I am in love with the idea of love. The reality is pretty simple; I want to make beautiful photos just as bad as you want to have them.

Singapore, Singapore

We capture moments... Not just photographs...

Singapore, Singapore

It is more about heart and soul . . . Each of us is special, and wedding photography should reflect that.

Singapore, Singapore

I am a wedding photographer based in Singapore and I am a big fan of abstract black and white for wedding portraiture.

Spain, Caseras

The Photography is my way of life. Destination wedding photographer.

Spain, Málaga

Me gusta detener y retener trocitos de la vida que pasan fugazmente a mi lado.

United Kingdom, Manchester

Owner of Pixies in the Cellar Wedding Photography... Love punchy, dynamic and emotive imagery :)

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