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The Bridal Goddess

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About The Bridal Goddess

Unveiling the Goddess in you!
The Bridal Goddess team is an on-location beauty team servicing areas such as: Boulder, Longmont, Lyons, Loveland, Estes Park, Allens Park, Fort Collins and areas within a radius of these cities.

Theresa and her team see this time not just as "getting ready" but as a ritual of pampering and primping in a circle of women. We believe this is a very important part of the wedding day and is more meaningful than just about "how you look" (but of course that part is important too!). It is a time for bonding, reflection, and reverence for the union that will be taking place by adorning oneself like a Goddess.

Theresa summons the Goddess in every woman. She has had a life long passion for weddings. To her, love IS beauty.

With over 2 decades of experience, Theresa has honed her craft working with thousands of brides throughout the country. Her calm and confident demeanor offers reassurance and peace on that special day.

Theresa has taken this knowledge and trained a team of Bridal Goddesses to have her talents and uncanny ability to translate the bride’s vision into reality. The whole team goes through rigorous education all through the off season with new techniques and styles to stay up to date and gain new skills. We utilize an in-depth consultation to gain greater insight into the wedding theme, the personal style of the bride, and the best approach to unveiling the Goddess in every woman.

The Bridal Goddess team are a group of women who truly love being part of the wedding day. We feel it is an extreme honor to be trusted for such an important part of a brides life. Our hair Goddesses and Makeup Goddesses are here for you to feel taken care of and to look and feel more beautiful (inside and out!) than ever before. We look forward to being part of your beautiful day!

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