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Sweets by Deliciosa Cake Shop

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About Sweets by Deliciosa Cake Shop

Sweets by Deliciosa Cake Shop can design your one of a kind dream cake. Cake Designer and WMI, Eliana Simon can create anything that you can imagine for that special occasion.

Our mission it to provide our customers with fresh Wedding Cakes and a huge variety of cupcakes that look as good as they taste.

We include amazing design elements that will be unique and help to ensure that your guests will remember the special touch that you provided at your event.

We always deliver a clean, finished product made from the freshest ingredients.

Sweets by Deliciosa is proud that our establishment holds a seal of approval from the PA Department of Agriculture.

Custom designed cakes require a significant amount of time and work. We highly recommend that you contact us well in advance of your scheduled event so that there will be adequate time for consultation, design, preparation and delivery.

The only thing that is as amazing as the way our cakes look is the way that they taste!

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