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Jammin Beats

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About Jammin Beats

Keepin' Your Beats Hoppin'

Jammin Beats has been enchanting newlyweds, their friends and family in wedding day entertainment for over 15 years! When you decide on Jammin Beats, you're choosing experienced and dedicated professionals that believe your reception is important. Jammin Beats specializes in weddings but also does a great deal of school dances, birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. We have a wide variety of music such as swing, country, ethnic, oldies,rock, pop, Latin, 60’s and 70’s up to today's current top hits. We keep our music current by receiving music weekly and get music from when it first hit the charts. If there is a song you need and we don’t have it we will get it with no additional charge to you.

We use top of the line equipment and test everything weekly. We use computers to play the majority of the music. The computer programs help us to avoid skipping and it helps us pull songs up faster for any last minute surprises. We have a second computer with us as backup.

Our disc jockeys dress in a tuxedo at every wedding and can for any other event you have. They will get there about one hour prior to the event for setup with no cost to you. Our DJ's Have at least 6 years Wedding experience. Meaning this will not be their first wedding and have been through it before. We have training sessions twice a year to keep everyone up to date and one the same track. They are trained to be head of the ceremony handling any announcements you have, coordinating the evening with the photographer, caterer and other specialists. They get involved with you and your crowd. Plus they usually do dome grooving behind the booth to encourage other to come out to the floor. If they see us having fun then they are more likely to join in themselves. We will lead them through group dances and do some over the mic motivation.Every DJ has been trained to have a similar style but each has a field the excel in and will be matched up to best fit your style. So that you can have the best wedding possible!

We like to talk with you before the wedding and meetings are free - as many as you feel are needed. We also do many weddings for out of state couples. We utilize email, phone and skype. So you never have to set foot in the office. We can plan in detail what it is you want to hear, starting from your Introductions, through cake cutting and right up to your last dance. If you have any questions please give us a call at (315)289-4340 or email at

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