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The Faded Sunflower Boho Bridal Boutique

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About The Faded Sunflower Boho Bridal Boutique

Boho Chic & Vintage Boutique Specializing in Exquisite Designer Inspired Wedding Gown Replicas
The Faded Sunflower offers unique Bohemian, vintage, and eclectic style wedding apparel, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. We specialize in exquisite designer inspired wedding gown replicas where each gown is made to order for the bride-to-be.

The Faded Sunflower can recreate most gowns using the highest quality textiles and embellishments available. Please message us to schedule your free consultation with Ashley Rose.

Although we are an exclusively online service, our staff works with each client on a one-on-one basis to ensure each bride receives impeccable, 5-star service which is reflected in our reviews and feedback from happy brides all around the world. Our services are available globally via phone, email, message, and Skype. We take great pleasure and are honored to work with LGBT brides and grooms. All are welcome here and all receive the same impeccable service. The Faded Sunflower believes in equality for all and we only work with vendors who share our attitude.

Please feel free to email or message us with any questions you may have or to schedule a free phone consultation. We are honored and look forward to being part of your special day!

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DO NOT ORDER A DRESS FROM ASHLEY!! She is a complete fraud. I ordered a dress from Ashley on 4/23/17. I asked if I could cancel my order and she said no, but that she would try to re-sell the dress for me. I have demanded so many times for her to send me the dress that she made since I already paid for it, and here we are almost two years later, she still won't send it. I contacted FedEx and UPS who confirmed there are no packages on the way. Ashley is an absolutely horrible human being, and has done this to so many others. Beware - she absolutely takes advantage of brides to be.


She is a scam artist. She operates under several names. Do not order. Do your research!!


I can not believe that Faded Sunflower / Ashley are still able to operate under ANY of the business listings created. Ashley is indeed a fraud and a professional scam artist. I enlisted her to make my wedding gown 07/26/2018 and paid in full 08/01/2018 for my June 1, 2019 wedding. She was charming in the beginning, though most difficult to get a hold of: that should have been my first warning sign. In November 2018 I changed the design of the gown, with her more than willing approval. I explained I did not want the "busy bling at the bodice, just a little to embellish" and she with honesty stated absolutely "No problem, but do understand if you decide you want more "bling / beading there will be additional charges, I hand sew the bead work." I said "absolutely, but I really do not want a lot of bling." So at this point there were no additional charges. Then in the very beginning of January I decided I wanted the full on bling, my wedding was fast approaching in 6 months, things were moving! I contacted Ashley, - funny how I did receive a quick response, she was more than happy to accommodate my request, and that she would email me an invoice for the additional costs for the beading and bling. Two weeks went by and no invoice ?? I was paying my vendors left and right and wanted the monies for the beading and bling paid for. I contacted Ashley and no response. I decided to go online and see If I could find an alternative phone number. Instead of a phone number in my search I found "Reviews" of The Faded Sunflower ?? I was scratching my head as to why I hadn't gotten 'reviews" at the top of searches like today; the reviews appeared before directing me to the Boutique's website. However I was so happy!!! I wanted to read about the amazing reviews for this seamstress that I wholeheartedly trusted, and virtually put my most precious day in her hands. The first review was 5 Star - I was excited!! the second 5 Star - I was giddy!! the 3rd - A 3 Star with a good reason: the dress arriving too close to the wedding day for comfort, but the bride gave a big kudos to the final product, I was okay with this, it can happen. Then it began: every single review after that were 1 Star - my heart dropped. These now wives, gave Ashley awful, detailed reviews - some had photos to back up their truths. There were too many to ignore, in the moments to follow my instincts kicked in and sounded the alarm "No Way Can I Trust This" I had six months to figure out an alternative. I called my financial institute first to see where I would stand. Then in an eloquent email to Ashley, explaining with utmost honesty, that I found reviews that I just can not ignore and that I can not move forward in her making my wedding gown. That is when the "real Ashley" surfaced - Hello There!!! She was rude, hostile and threatening-tossing the words "her attorney." She became a brides worst waking nightmare. I would love to complete my story but in typing this it is still to this day "exhausting" so I will cut it short. I hired a local seamstress that came highly recommended on my towns FB page. She is 80 years old with the mind and heart of a, let's just say "young at heart with the wisdom of age to back her" She was amazing!!!!! my wedding dress was gorgeous! and though I did not recoup a full refund from crazy lady Ashley, I was able to have all my fittings, as a bride should, I went shopping and picked the fabrics and here's the kicker I GOT MY BLING!!! which Ashley at the end was saying time ran out and I am just getting a plain "White Dress." Shame on you Ashley!!! my time was not out, LOL - I should probably thank her!! outside of the headaches she caused me, I got to experience way more than I dreamed of in the making of my wedding gown. What prompted me to compose this is I see she is STILL wreaking havoc on innocent brides, I just read a recent "bad" review dated 04/2020, - What made me think of Ashley today is I was looking at my wedding photos, I will be married a year June 1, 2020, an I though of how awful she was to me. Ashley's last nasty email to me, dated March 6, 2019 contained this: these are her very own words: "You're a nut. Personally, I don't think you should waste your time and money on a wedding. After 8 years in this business, I can predict down to the month how long a marriage will last. I give yours less than a year. Remember I said this when the time comes" Wow right?!!!. I saved all the correspondence between Ashley / Faded Sunflower and myself should I ever be asked to present the truth - SERIOUSLY Ashley, you need to close your doors or at least be accountable legally for being the fraud you are.

Location : USA, Knoxville, 37914