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GET LIT Productions, INC.

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About GET LIT Productions, INC.

Lighting is a very important design aspect when it comes to weddings.

Proper lighting design can set the mood while coupled with the proper decor, truly transform a venue. Think about some of the weddings you have been to in the past... Would lighting improve the look of any of those weddings? Think about the last concert, dance club or theatrical performance you went to... Do you think you would have had the same experience without the lighting?

It is the same for your event!

You look through the bridal magazines that talk about the importance of lighting, see all the wedding shows that showcase elegant lighting designs and search the internet for pictures that resemble what you want for your own wedding. We want you to help you have a beautiful wedding experience.

As it’s said, a picture says a thousand words… And after it's all said and done, pictures are what's left!

Being in the lighting industry, we at GET LIT Productions understand that there aren’t many "lighting-only" companies in the area to choose from, and the few lighting companies that there are tend to be expensive and require a minimum charge that will turn most brides away, making your decision for reception lighting a difficult one.

We have examined the need for a quality and affordable lighting company in the area, and are here to offer lighting that is both affordable and amazing!

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