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Reverend Gail Swain

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About Reverend Gail Swain


I began officiating weddings in 2003. At this moment in time, I have performed over 200 weddings and counting. However, my father was a Congregationalist Minister, and I attended weddings as his helper and singer for many years starting when I was sixteen (30 years ago now). I have coordinated 5 weddings for friends, and have been married twice. Over the years I have continually sung at weddings, and always kept involved with weddings in one way or another. So I felt it was very natural and comfortable for me to become a Universal Life Minister and Wedding Offiiciant.

My philosophy is that this special day belongs to the bride and groom, and so whatever type of ceremony is needed I will gladly provide. I have done traditional weddings, weddings for couples of different cultures and backgrounds, and completely original weddings with brand new custom designed vows and ceremonies. I am very comfortable doing weddings that are completely secular and non-religious, but if some form of spirituality &/or religion is desired that’s fine with me too. I am warm, loving and most people consider me a very comfortable person to be around. I am rarely flustered by things going wrong, and am experienced enough to know how to "roll with the punches" if anything goes awry. I believe in the sacredness of love and commitment, and my focus during the ceremony and its' preparations stays there. I'm also professional enough to know exactly what needs to happen when, which allows us to have a smooth flowing, relaxed ceremony. My goal is for each person at the wedding to leave it with a little tear, and a big smile.

I love to meet with couples and find out what they are interested it, what makes their love work, and what they want for their special day. I also pay close attention to what their family life has been and will be after the wedding. I then design a ceremony in consultation with them that will be comfortable and lovely for them. I am happy to do this work long distance via phone and email if a face to face meeting is difficult to arrange.

Because I am a professional singer, I can offer a song that reflects your feelings in your ceremony with no charge. Whatever your needs are, I feel confident that I can perform a ceremony that you will love.

Reverend Gail Swain 831-346-6700

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