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Fotograf Brasov

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About Fotograf Brasov

I'm Marius Pavel, a photographer who just puts a lot of soul into everything he does. It's hard for me to write about myself, I don't know what to start and what to end ...
Behind every important event I stand, but I am not its protagonist.

You, my dear ones, write every wonderful story, and I only help you keep it not only in hearts, but also in pictures and video frames. It is very important that any story as beautiful as yours can be shared years and years in a row.

What do I want to offer through my wedding or baptismal photos?
Pure joy, emotion, smile and happiness. Remember when you look at the pictures over a year, two, ten, how you will feel and how you were during that time, when we took the pictures together. To do this, all you have to do is be open to me, just as I am to you.

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Location : Romania, Brasov,