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Romantics Travel

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About Romantics Travel

You Deserve an Amazing Honeymoon!

Are you guilty of wasting days or weeks on the internet being confused by a million resorts or destinations?
Are you having trouble finding a honeymoon or destination wedding location that is perfect for the both of you, while matching both of your personal styles and tastes?
Do you want a STRESS -FREE experience where everything is managed by a Romance Travel Specialist who will plan your entire trip and act as your lifeline if there are any issues?
This is where we can help.

Hello, we're Jeff & Kimberly Jacoby of Romantics Travel. We're Romance Travel Experts who enjoy cutting through the myriad of destination and resort choices to find you the absolute perfect dream getaway. We've been to over 150 different resort in Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, and would LOVE to put our knowledge to work for you!

You see... we really are about the DETAILS. The details that online booking sites do not seem to handle very well. This is because online websites can seem like a wealth of info, but in the end leave couples confused, overwhelmed, and on their own!

You deserve better than that!

We offer extended availability on your schedule with free consultations, personalized service, a honeymoon registry, and convenient payment plans.

We ensure that your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding is as stress-free and as seamless as possible.That means no more wasting time on the internet searching a million websites. We'll free up your time so you can concentrate on other things.

I guarantee your experience will be quite different and extra special compared to someone booking on their own.

Call Jeff or Kimberly today for your free consultation at:

Fort Worth, Texas (817) 386-0701

Fresno, California (559) 363-2258

or Nationwide (800) 897-9184

or e-mail us at

Visit us at to see how we can make your honeymoon or destination wedding amazing!

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