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United Kingdom, Glasgow

There’s a passion for those intimate moments that runs through our veins, a passion bound to our heritage. Just as generations evolve within the family circle, so too should our visual legacies. Our movies capture that key connection; that authentic spark. We’re making memories.

USA , Asheville

We at Fesiuk Films are storytellers. When it comes to our work, we spend extra time creating & capturing details that will best portray our clients vision. To us, it is not about quantity but the quality in our finished projects. Our mission is to influence others how important the smallest moments...

Mauritius, Anse Jonchée

Whitetone Films offer wedding cinematography and photography services. We strongly believe that high quality should be the goal of everyone engaging to cover a wedding. That's why our team put lots of effort to give our clients this high quality refined finish films. We take pride in our passion and...

United Kingdom, London

HD Moments is a guarantee of the highest quality and professional approach. By choosing HD Moments wedding videos, you will receive a precious film that will have many positive emotions for years to come. They always go in the spirit of time, but they respect tradition, so they know how to behave at...

Estonia, Talinas

A wedding day is a day full of love that could be endless. You can keep all the positive emotions inside your own personal movie, because there can never be too many magical moments. Your story will have a proper cinematic frame if you ask us to witness your ’I-do’ moment. The price of the wedding...

Estonia, Talinas

Wedmotions - это творческий и семейный союз профессионалов фото- и видеосъёмки в Эстонии. Основное направление нашей деятельности - это свадебная съёмка. Вот уже на протяжении 6 лет мы создаём истории самого важного дня в вашей жизни! Для нас это не только способ заработка, но и любимое дело, в...

Estonia, Talinas

Filmmaker & storyteller handcrafting inspiring wedding films in Estonia & worldwide. I speak fluent English, Russian and Estonian.

Portugal, Abades

Price range: Medium Specialization: Studio My main camera which I use Panasonic Mirrorless. My additional cameras which I use Panasonic Mirrorless, DJI.

Iceland, Reykjavík

Price range: Medium Specialization: Videographer My main camera which I use Canon DSLR. My additional cameras which I use DJI.

Netherlands, Amsterdam

We are The Dreamers, wedding cinematographers. We find and capture stories and emotion.

Netherlands, Amsterdam

My main camera which I use Sony Mirrorless. My additional cameras which I use DJI. Destination wedding videographers based in Amsterdam.

Latvia, Riga

VIVID CAFE cinematography by Aleksey Bergmanis & Michael Marygin

Latvia, Riga

Filming in Europe Wedding movie and wedding clip filmed with one camera: 1000 EUR Photographer+videographer: 2000 EUR including transport and accomodation

Latvia, Riga

Price range: Medium Specialization: Videographer My main camera which I use Sony Mirrorless. My additional cameras which I use DJI, GoPro, Sony Mirrorless.

Lithuania, Vilnius

Tomas and Reda – talented couple who will catch memories in the most stylish and elegant way. In each and every video you will find wonderful emotions, soft sounds and beautiful sights.