10 Things to Do the Night before the Wedding

With less than 24 hours left for the biggest day of your life, getting cold feet is not an uncommon notion experienced by many bride to bes. There are almost a thousand things going through your head. Will my makeup turn up right? Does the dress’s alteration accentuate my silhouette? What will the guests’ reaction be to my months of hard work and event planning? Will I finally get my ‘happily ever after?’ The night before your wedding can really turn into an emotional rollercoaster for many. And ladies, the good news is that it’s absolutely normal! Getting married is a big step for anyone out there. What’s important is channeling those crazy inner jitters into something more productive and positive to say the least. To help all you brides out, we’re listing 10 things that are an absolute indulgence the night before your wedding. Not only will they manage to instill you with a peace of mind, they’ll provide you with a fabulous foundation for your big day too.

Eat a lean and clean healthy meal

Although a bucket of fried chicken wings and glazed donuts might seem ever so tempting after months of hardcore wellness training, it’s best to stick to fresh fruits, greens and nutritious whole grains. These goodies will avoid that hangover commonly seen with pizza and loaded fries. What’s better than waking up feeling fresh and energetic on your big day!

Term water as your best friend

Learn to spend some much needed quality time with water instead of sugar laden fizzy drinks or wine. Always have a glass of chilled water sitting nearby. This does wonders at curbing anxiety and ridding all that stress away. Water dismisses hunger pangs and avoids you from becoming dehydrating too. Did we mention how radiant and glowing your skin will look and feel for the big day?

Put together a bag containing all your personal items

Having your reception clutch ready with essentials is an absolute must for all brides the night before the big day. Don’t forget about assembling that post reception bag too. You don’t want to miss out on something you really need at the last minute. Hand over both these bags to a person you can trust and ensure both these items are ready and waiting for you at the bridal suite on your big day.

Enjoy a relaxing massage, alongside a fresh mani and pedi

To make sure all you ladies look and feel your best in preparation for the big day, pampering yourself is quintessential for all brides the night before. We’re talking a nice relaxing massage that rids all that negative energy away. Once that’s done and over with, enjoy a little nail care hour with your bridesmaids. You’ll cherish spending moments like these with your nearest and dearest once the event has taken place. After all, a fresh coat of polish never hurt anybody!

Indulge upon some me time

To help ensure you’re in the right spirits and mood for your big day, avoid too much interaction with the outside world. We’re saying no to staying glued to that phone screen. Bid social media farewell for a few hours. It really helps to hand over your phone to someone that’s nearest to you. Instead, open up a funny YouTube video or Netflix as a matter of fact. You’ll allow time to pass by easily while you laugh those stressful vibes out the right way.

Keep a final check on your vendor payments

Pulling off a great event requires a supportive team of the best vendors. And that means making sure you’re done and dusted with their payments in an organized manner the night before. Whether you plan to make final payments manually or via PayPal, gather bills, cash and checks systematically. Place them into envelopes and make a list of whose payments are what. Hand these over to your point person or someone who you can rely on with complete trust on your wedding day.

Make sure you’ve aced that footwear

There’s nothing more disastrous than having shoes that don’t fit, are uncomfortable or even worse, ones that you can’t walk in! Practice walking in a straight line with your wedding shoes on. Then turn up the volume on your favorite song and pull off a few dance moves in that footwear. Not only is this a wonderful stress buster, it’s a fantastic way to make you feel oh so comfortable in your wedding shoes. Remind yourself not to go overboard with the dancing! You need to save up some energy and your feet of course for the big day!

Confirm last minute details with your wedding planner

Last minute calls to your wedding planner are a must before your wedding. There’s a time and place for everything and you need to make sure your team knows exactly where the event location is and when they should show up. Don’t forget to provide them with a name and number of your most trusted ally or point person in case of an emergency.

Practice taking deep breaths every step of the way

After all those months of planning, scuffling around and making decisions left and right, the big day is finally here. There’s a lot to take in, let alone the baggage of anxiety that comes with being the bride. To avoid all the emotions from getting to you, practice taking out 5 minutes for meditation and inhaling and exhaling deep breaths. This is especially true when you’re ending the day. You can now hop into bed with a more relaxed and calm peace of mind.

Continue on with your night time beauty rituals

Whatever comprises as your daily night time beauty ritual for the past few months, continue on with that. From face masks and whitening strips to moisturizers and creams, whatever has been working for your skin effectively, carry on!

This is the last moment to reap out all that goodness from whatever you’ve been doing to maintain that healthy radiant glow. And ladies, don’t forget to sleep early. At least tuck yourself under those covers at a fairly decent hour.