How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner for You

Just the mere thought of tying the knot can bring upon anxiety of a new kind, especially if you’re limited on time. Weddings have turned into a ball of stress, sleepless nights and countless arguments, all aimed in an effort to perfect that big day.

Best Places to Propose in the USA

Falling in love is something every couple dreams of in their lifetime. The thought of spending the rest of your life with that special someone is no longer a farfetched reality once you hit your mid 20’s. After you’ve found your life partner, the next s

Wedding Eye Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs to Know

With your wedding date finalized and the planning process well underway, it’s now time for you as the bride to focus on yourself. And by that we mean your look for the biggest day of your life. It’s no surprise that every bride is termed as the showstopp

Winter Wedding Color Palettes

Winter weddings bring with them a distinct array of unique trends and choosing a seamless color palette is surely one of them. From rich ombre to gorgeous greens, the choices to pick from are truly unlimited. And believe it or not, bride to bes need to ge

Why a Professional Wedding Photographer is an Absolute Must

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and we totally agree but the worth and special significance it holds for great occasions like your wedding ceremony is indescribable to say the least. Hiring a professional wedding photographer to capture moments

Wedding Registry Trends for the Year 2019

With 2019 upon us all, there’s no stopping the raging wedding trends for the upcoming year befalling on soon to be married couples. We’re all familiar with how planning out your wedding registry can turn into an overwhelming experience. And that’s exactly

You’re Guide to the Hottest Custom Style Wedding Trends

Planning your wedding isn’t considered such a daunting task by many individuals out there today. After all, with professional wedding planners and numerous other experienced assistants available for your help, the process is simpler than it may seem.

Top Tips to Make Sure You Have a Stress Free Wedding Day

That day has finally arrived where months of hard work, stress, planning and sleepless nights have led up to an event worth cherishing for the rest of your lives. Whether you’re the bride or the groom, there’s a lot of pressure to execute an event exactly

The Best Places in the World for Your Wedding Photos

It’s the setting that can make or break a photograph, especially when it comes to your wedding pictures. The surrounding atmosphere, backdrop, ambiance, and lighting conditions, not to mention the weather and climate are some of the many elements that go

Wedding Planning Timeline

Make Your Wedding the Most Happening Event of the Year with This Incredible Wedding Planning Timeline Weddings are probably one of the most important events to take place in an individual’s life. It’s a day couple’s dream of since childhood and one that

Perfect wedding make-up

Wedding make-up is usually neutral and simple but still it’s one of the hardest make-up looks to create. You may hire make-up artist or do it on your own. In any case browse photos of desirable looks to share them with your make-up artist or for you to kn

Perfect wedding cake

Perfect wedding cake should look quite spectacular as well as taste delicious. Traditional white wedding cake will never go out of style, but special and unusual cakes for the big day are very much in demand now. There’s a great number of wedding dessert

Wedding dresses

Any bride-to-be wants to look perfect and irresistible in front of her husband, relatives, and friends. Right chosen wedding gown is the most important thing for reaching this aim. Perfect wedding dress should flatter bride’s figure as well as show her un

Beach wedding inspiration ideas

Warm sand, serenade of crashing waves, breathtaking seaside views… Who wouldn’t want to say “I do” on the beach? It’s the most romantic spot for weddings. If you want your guests never to forget beach wedding the next ideas are for you.

A Guide to Most Popular Wedding Video Styles

The year 2018 has begun with a bang and as we approach midway, weddings are getting bigger and better than ever and so are wedding photography and their compliment video making techniques too. So what’s trending this year in terms of wedding video styles?

Summer Wedding Trends 2018

It’s all about vibrant color schemes, graphic designs, awe-inspiring themes and innovative takes on fashion that will surely heat things up on your big day. From food and décor to wedding photographers and videographers galore, we’re listing all the secr

Pros and Cons of 2018 Wedding Photography Trends

As 2017 has successfully drawn to an end, it’s the rise of wedding photography trends galore for the year 2018. There are a number of techniques and styles being used by wedding photographers that have taken off with a bang. Although the world of wedding

10 Things to Do the Night before the Wedding

With less than 24 hours left for the biggest day of your life, getting cold feet is not an uncommon notion experienced by many bride to bes. There are almost a thousand things going through your head. Will my makeup turn up right? Does the dress’s alterat

How to Plan Your Wedding

Plannіng what could be the happіest day of your lіfe requіres creatіve input from both partners and any family members and frіends you've decided to include in the planning, and also rіgorous preparatіons to make sure the day goes smoothly. Weddіng planni

Tіps for fіndіng a good weddіng photographer

The photographs from your wedding day will be a timeless memento of a truly special day. Wedding photographers can be very expensive, specialise in a number of different styles, and offer a variety of levels of service. Choosing a wedding photographer tak