Wedding Eye Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs to Know

With your wedding date finalized and the planning process well underway, it’s now time for you as the bride to focus on yourself. And by that we mean your look for the biggest day of your life.
It’s no surprise that every bride is termed as the showstopper on her big day and with all eyes on the bride, there’s simply no room for error when it comes to eye makeup.
Yes, believe it or not, most brides get so carried away in things like the dress, shoes and accessories that they tend to forget about their makeup. Your eyes are considered as a focal point feature on your face and nailing that aspect to sheer perfection can truly do wonders to how seamlessly gorgeous you appear. And to help you achieve a look that gets you all the attention for all the right reasons, we’ve outlined a list of facts comprising of simple dos and don’ts for eye makeup tips that are on fleek. From blending and brows to lashes and waterline, these swear by expert tips are sure to do the trick. So let’s take a look at the wedding eye makeup tips that every bride needs to know.

It all begins with routinely early skin preparation

Yes when we talk about skin, your eyes are included too. Getting onto the bandwagon of routinely skincare preparation is so important for bride to be’s. Keeping yourself hydrated with plenty of water while eating a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants will ensure your eye makeup brings out the best in you. Did we mention plenty of sleep to avoid last minute dark circle and baggy swollen eyelids? This point can’t be stressed enough!

Scheduling a trial run or maybe two is so essential

With the big day nearby, ensuring your look is exactly the way you and your stylist imagined it to be can simply be achieved with a trial run. Most experts recommend hiring your stylist a good six months in advance while beauty trials for the wedding day look should be conducted at least two months prior to the wedding. The satisfaction of knowing how your eye makeup is going to turn out for the big day is a great feeling for the bride indeed.

Stay true to yourself by getting a look that reflects you

The whole idea behind the concept of eye makeup is related to accentuating your eye features the right way, not transforming them into something you aren’t. Always remember to stay true to yourself by achieving an appeal that reflects who you are as a person and getting a look that you feel comfortable in. Experimentation is always great so allow your stylist to do their part but make sure to let them in upon anything that you feel isn’t a part of you.

False lashes may be optional but there’s zero compromise on waterproof mascara

Voluminous lashes are always considered optional, especially for those that have short lashes in the first place. The added volume adds a sexy, striking and bold appeal but if you simply aren’t a fan, you can always let it pass by. With that being said, zero compromise whatsoever should be made on waterproof mascara.
Mascara can transform your eyes in a subtle manner, accentuating those lashes the right way. Remember to use an eyelash curler before your application and apply at least two coats of mascara for a well defined appeal. Don’t forget to remind your stylist about the waterproof factor. Weddings are an emotional rollercoaster and to help you fight those tears, waterproof eye makeup essentials are an absolute must.

Factors to consider when selecting the perfect bridal eyeshade

Nail the perfect bridal eye makeup look this season by taking the following factors into consideration when selecting your eyeshade.
Natural undertones of your skin- Not all eye shadow colors suit all skin complexions. Beauty experts recommend choosing a hue that works well with the bride’s skin undertones.
Eye shape- Stylists must understand the subject’s face, especially her eye shape, before working to give a bride her desired look. Wedding style and vibes- Taking your wedding theme, vibes and attire into consideration is super important when selecting the perfect bridal eyeshade. The last thing any bride would want is to not fit into a theme that was decided by her in the first place. There’s always a certain time and place for a certain type of makeup and weddings are no exception.
Eye color- From green and hazel to browns and blues, eye color is an essential determinant that must be taken into consideration when selecting your bridal eyeshade.
Most blue eyed brides should opt for warm browns, shades of copper and gold as they work to complement their eye tones. Brown eyed brides on the other hand have the liberty to use almost every eyeshade tone and get away with it. Mauves, soft pink shades and berry tones work well on brides with green eyes. Hazel eyed brides should consider metallic silvers, touches of champagne hues, purples as well metallic gold for looks that make their eyes pop.

Eye drops are a savior for tired eyes

Stress with lack of sleep can make your eyes appear tired, red or even pale. Eye drops can be used to overcome this effect but ensure to use a brand that you’ve used previously to avoid unwanted surprises.

Define those brows the right way

It’s amazing how much your brows can alter your overall look. Tweezing your brows on the morning of your wedding must be avoided at all costs. Ensure to define those eyebrows the right way, using a pencil or a powder that works to match your hair color.

Matte eyeshadow is definitely the call of the day

Most beauty experts recommend using matte eye shadows as they won’t appear too glossy and avoid reflecting light from all directions. Don’t forget about that off white toned matte eyeshadow beneath the brow bone for the ultimate finishing touch.

Under eye concealers should be chosen carefully

Concealers are great for under eye coverage, especially if you have dark circles. At the same time, choosing a concealer that’s lighter than your skin’s tones will make you look like a deer that’s caught in headlights so choose wisely.