The Best Places in the World for Your Wedding Photos

It’s the setting that can make or break a photograph, especially when it comes to your wedding pictures. The surrounding atmosphere, backdrop, ambiance, and lighting conditions, not to mention the weather and climate are some of the many elements that go into perfecting your portraits. And that is the sheer difference between an ordinary conventional wedding and one that’s extraordinary.

Wedding pictures are memories that are supposed to last a lifetime. They’re captured with the mere intent of framing important moments that occur in your journey together as a couple. And that’s just some of the many reasons as to why couples go through extra efforts to perfect their wedding photographs. With wedding season in its full swing, we’re dishing out all the tricks from the experts in wedding photography regarding the best places to capture those stunning clicks. After all, there must be some reason couples travel thousands of miles to perfect those memories. Here are the hottest places in the world worth traveling to for your wedding photos. Let’s take a look.

The stunningly beautiful Seychelles is what wedding dreams are made of

Topping the list in terms of beauty and popularity for wedding photo shoots is none other than the stunningly beautiful Seychelles islands. The destination is a fan favorite when it comes to hosting an intimate wedding event, let alone the gorgeous beaches that can turn an ordinary photo shoot into something extravagant without much effort. Apart from the apparent beauty that this paradise offers, the warm culture and hospitality seen amongst the citizens that live there is heartwarming, to say the least.

Taormina in Sicily is the ultimate setting for natural serene beauty

Located at a hill that’s 206 meters above the sea level, the island is present as land that’s suspended amongst the rocks and the sea. The setting is one of true natural beauty beyond bounds. The destination is renowned as being unique with a distinct array of landscapes on offer for visitors to enjoy. Whether you choose to pose against the sea or have the volcano Etna as your background, the choices to pick from are endless.

The Azores are termed a hidden paradise on the earth’s surface

Situated at the center of the Atlantic, the destination referred to as the Azores is renowned by the tourism industry as being a popular tourist attraction for more reasons than one. These strings of islands in Portugal are truly heaven on earth, giving the photographer the ability to shoot amongst a setting that’s beyond belief. Whether it’s the blue seas or the luscious greenery, there’s surely something in there for everyone to enjoy.

Take romanticism up a notch with wedding photos clicked in splendid South Africa

This next destination we all are familiar with needs no introduction. South Africa can serve to sweep any couple off their feet with its countless serene backdrops comprising of the red earth with an endless display of the blue sky. Feeling a little bit adventurous, then why not have your photographer shoot amongst the beauty of the natural wildlife seen scattered across the plains. It’s truly magical and exotic in every sense, to say the least.

Sweden’s divine natural beauty will make every couple’s heart skip a beat

The fabulous architecture, stunningly gorgeous natural beauty and superior standard of interior design alongside heartwarming people present to greet you into their land make Sweden a valid destination for wedding photo shoots. Remember, shooting for your wedding isn’t only about clicking the perfect picture. It’s also related to enjoying the moment while still being present in it.

Hawaii- A tropic setting worth every click

If there’s one word that comes to mind when we say tropical paradise, it’s none other than Hawaii. The fantastic weather and climate, rich natural beauty and lighting for days are sure to make every wedding photographer’s dreams come true. Most couples adore shooting in the water as the effect of sunlight seen over it creates a magnificent illusion that’s second to none. If sunset wedding photography isn’t your cup of tea, then why not embark on a sunrise journey to capturing the perfect wedding photo. The choice is all yours but one thing is for sure, you’ll never leave disappointed, to say the least.

Tuscany, Italy is similar to a wedding fantasy in all its glory

We’re sure everyone will agree with us that bypassing Tuscany, Italy as a top wedding destination for photography is impossible. The soft and subtleness achieved with its lighting, along with the beautiful Catalonian castles are a true journey worth exploring. Standing amongst the hills with the waves crashing the rocks at your feet is not only breathtaking to shoot as a photographer but thrilling to witness this moment in time too as the couple soon to be married.

Riviera Maya, Mexico is a stunningly gorgeous destination for couples all year round

No matter what season it may be, the breathtaking white sandy beaches and gorgeous turquoise blue hued waters will surely give your portrait that extra dimension you’re in search of. And that’s not all. Riviera May in Mexico doesn’t stop there. Roam around and witness the numerous striking jungles or pay a visit to the serene underwater caves for an adventure of a lifetime. Don’t forget to tour the ancient Mayan culture via a visit to their classic ruins.

The rich culture and serene scenery of Kyoto, Japan will keep couples going back for more

The breathless scenery and rich, colorful culture of Kyoto in Japan will make couples keep coming back for more. For your wedding portraits, choose amongst beautifully designed architecture, tall bamboo trees or simply gorgeous serene rivers. And the best bit being, Kyoto depicts the beauty of all kinds throughout all its different seasons. Every season manages to bring with it innovative beauty that has its special inspiration, allowing couples to experiment with versatility at its finest.

Romania is considered to be the world’s best destination for weddings

Dream photography and nothing less is what couples can wish to achieve with their wedding portrait sessions held in the magnificent Romanian lands. We’re talking spectacular views from the mountain peaks to clicks shot at the serene beaches down below. And let’s not forget those clicks of a lifetime being shot at fabulously unique medieval cities such as Brasov, Sibiu and Danube Delta.