Perfect wedding make-up

Wedding make-up is usually neutral and simple but still it’s one of the hardest make-up looks to create. You may hire make-up artist or do it on your own. In any case browse photos of desirable looks to share them with your make-up artist or for you to know what palette to choose. Apply wedding make-up before your big day to know if you like it for sure.


Moisturize skin first and then apply primer. Don’t skip applying primer because it will help your make-up to last longer. You will have a long day ahead of you and your make-up is not to smear in the evening.

Apply colored concealer before foundation to get the best result. Concealer covers imperfections such as dark circles, pimples, etc. Green concealer is used to neutralize redness. Yellow one is for banishing dark circles under your eyes. And lavender concealer neutralizes yellowness.

Foundation is the most important item of your wedding make-up because wrong color of foundation may spoil your appearance. For this thing not to happen find a store that provides testers. Test three shades of foundation: light, neutral, and dark. The shade that almost merges with the tone of your skin is the perfect one for you.

Don’t apply foundation that lighten or darken your skin tone. In such a way your make-up will look unnatural. Too light foundation will make you look tired and unhealthy, while too dark one will give you appearance of wearing a mask. If you want to make your complexion brighter try to use blush or bronzer.

Choose sheer liquid formulas of foundation for make-up not to look heavy. Don’t apply too much tinting cream as well. Some brides think they will look better in photos if they apply more foundation. But they actually look like wearing theatre make-up.


First step is to apply eye shadow primer to keep your eyeshade in place. Choose waterproof eye shadow and mascara to prevent make-up meltdowns. Use eyelash curler before applying mascara and wear at least two layers of mascara for your eyelashes to be longer. Don’t forget about your brows. Define them with a pencil that matches your hair color. You may buy new mascara for your big day but test it a few days before wedding.

Right chosen eye shadow will enhance color and shape of your eyes. If you have cool skin tone, try to use blue or pink eye shadow. The best make-up for warm-toned skin includes gold, bronze or rust eye shadow. Some pink and green shades may also be chosen for warm skin color, but not all of them.

False eyelashes are a great idea for gorgeous wedding make-up. But don’t wear them if you are not sure about their quality. False eyelashes are not to fall off as well as not to make your eyes water during the most important day in your life.

For getting beautiful photos put on a little more make-up you would apply normally because camera will tone down your complexion. It’s desirable to balance your make-up. That means you should draw attention whether to eyes or to lips. Red lipstick and heavy metallic eye shadow are not to be combined for perfect wedding make-up.

Lips and cheeks

The last thing you need is to have lipstick all over your face when your beloved kisses you on your wedding day. For such thing not to happen use lip stain instead of lipstick. Lip stain makes your color really long-lasting. You will not leave lipstick marks on your guests’ cheeks and on your wine glass.

If you prefer lipstick to lip stain choose lasting lip color. And don’t forget about applying lip liner to prevent lipstick from bleeding. Make-up artists advise brides to apply lip liner to whole lips before applying lipstick to make lip color last longer.

Wedding make-up usually includes pale hues of lipstick. They are very feminine because they give a hint of discreet color. Pastel shades are perfect choice for cool and warm skin tones. Coral pink and soft orange shades of lipstick are good only for warm-toned skin.

Blushes will bring more life to your face. Use subtle blush on apples of your cheeks. Peachy and coral blushes are perfect for warm-toned skin, while pink-based shades are ideal for cool skin tone. Use stippling brush to apply blush for perfect wedding make-up. Don’t use too much blush not to look like a clown.