Wedding Registry Trends for the Year 2019

With 2019 upon us all, there’s no stopping the raging wedding trends for the upcoming year befalling on soon to be married couples. We’re all familiar with how planning out your wedding registry can turn into an overwhelming experience. And that’s exactly what we’re here to discuss and help you plan out today. Many couples approach wedding planning in a more unique perspective than that compared to their parents. Whether it has to with the presence of social media pressure or simply the advancement of technology, trends these days are on a whole new level. And planning out your wedding registry is no exception. Gifts that were once considered as a taboo are now openly welcome with open arms. So let’s take a closer look at what couples should be expecting regarding 2019’s wedding registry trends.

Honeymoon registries are on the rise

Not all couples are craving accessories. It’s time to think outside the box and embark on an adventure that they can one day tell their grandkids about. As the rise of travel and work increases, thanks to countless freelance projects, couples are starting to appreciate anything travel related. Something along the lines of letting them enjoy their long honeymooning period together.

Giving back to the society is welcomed with open arms

When you decide to get married, you’ve probably reached a certain point in time where you as a couple have got your entire life figured out. And its during that time you begin to realize how important it is to give back to the society. Couples asking friends and family members to make a donation to a certain charity they are supporting are surely the type of trends you’ll find when it comes to their wedding registries.

Experiences are being given higher priorities

Couples have reached that point in their lives where bidding farewell to materialistic things is such a raging trend while focus is kept on living a particular moment in time. Greater value is being given to experiences that soon turn into memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s monthly subscriptions, hotel accommodations or luxury spa dates, the list of ideas to consider is endless.

It’s the era to be practical

With their wedding planned out and their honeymoon expenses paid for, couples are now beginning to think what is it they are truly in need of in terms of their daily living. And believe it or not, it’s truly the era to be practical and live a life where you’ve got your daily activities sorted out. Whether it’s a shopping spree at your local grocery market or a simple oil change of your car at the mechanic, it doesn’t get more practical than this.

Spending more time together is what really counts in the end

Similar to experiences, couples in 2019 will be looking forward to gifts and ideas that revolve around the concept of togetherness or unity. Activities or goods that bring them closer to one another, allowing them to spend time in each other’s company are just the sort of ideas they're on the lookout for.