You’re Guide to the Hottest Custom Style Wedding Trends

Planning your wedding isn’t considered such a daunting task by many individuals out there today. After all, with professional wedding planners and numerous other experienced assistants available for your help, the process is simpler than it may seem.
However, planning a wedding that guests will remember for all the right reasons is a different task altogether. Everyone wishes for that fairytale wedding where the vision they’ve imagined for their big day comes to life. And to make that happen, it all begins with creativity, a little innovation and a lot of hard work. This wedding season, we’re helping you become aware of the hottest custom wedding styles that are sure to win over even the toughest of critics. It’s all about creating a plan and sticking to it. From the most unique cocktail options to jaw-dropping invite styles and customized table décor settings, these sure shot winning trends are in a league of their own.
So here are the season’s most happening custom style wedding trends to experiment with this 2019. As the old saying goes, let your imagination run wild and the rest will follow.

Let the world know your story

Customization at its best, it’s time to let the world in an absolute style that you’re getting married. And what better way of doing so than through the use of cocktail napkins to depict your love story? Now, customization can be taken to a whole new level with beautifully designed napkins that illustrate various aspects of your journey as a couple.

Relax the ambiance and lounge around

If there’s one request that’s termed a favorite amongst the masses, it would undoubtedly go to lounge furniture. Whether you choose to incorporate a fabulous indoor or an outset set of soft seating, you can always play around with the customization element. For example: how about throwing around a comfortable set of fabulously custom designed monogram pillows? Give your embroiders plenty of time to create a digitized effect for a more polished finish. Don’t forget to pick out a color scheme that goes wonderfully well with your overall wedding theme.

Meaningful menus always go down well with guests

Food and dining always play an important component for any formal event and weddings are no exception. This wedding season, how about adding a whole new spin to your catering with meaningful menus that have been customized to go along with your personality? We’re talking foods you simply can’t get enough of or things you’d most likely order when at a restaurant on date night. And just in case you happen to be on the laid back side, no need of stuffing your menu for the sake of a black-tie event. Keep the food choice calm, cool and collective without stressing out too much.

Destination weddings are so last season- Why not drag the destination to your event?

If you can’t have a destination wedding, why not bring your destination wedding to your venue? Incorporate personal elements such as décor revolving around destination signboards that reference to areas that mean most to your family and friends. It’s a unique touch worth experimenting with and sure to make you get rave reviews from across the board.

Everyone adores love branding

Love branding is the IT factor this season and we can totally relate as to why. Taking inspiration from Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s Indian engagement ceremony, how about designing a logo that literally speaks to the newly married couple? Post it on the stage at the wedding party and bridal shower, incorporate it into your invitations or simply add it to the main event’s décor.

Raise that cocktail standard the right way

What better way to welcome guests to your wedding than a high standard cocktail. Yes, you heard that right. 2019 calls for cocktails that have been custom designed for celebratory reasons, keeping the couple’s tastes and standards in mind. Think of creative names, fabulous drink signs on the bar area as well as the drink’s recipe for those wishing to be a tad bit adventurous.

Go above and beyond with little details

They say it’s the little things in life that count the most and believe it or not, that notion couldn’t prove to be more true than when you’re referring to weddings. It’s time to switch things up a bit this season by going above and beyond obvious detailing like floral or the usual table décor. Opt for a personalized touch with customization done to little things like stir sticks being used for your event’s signature cocktail. Why not add a stunning laser cut design to your pool or imprint your monogram to your dance floor too? Any element of your wedding can be turned into something a little extra special, transforming your event’s aura in more than one way.

A little spontaneous and playful fun never hurt anybody

Weddings are usually termed as formal gatherings but it wouldn’t hurt to add some playful fun to your event. Games at weddings never seem to go out of routine fashion. They’re enjoyable, humorous and lift the spirits of those present at the function. Did we mention that exciting factor being added to a fun filled and splendid cocktail hour? And in case you need a little help in picking out game options, begin with custom corn hole themed games or a little bean bag fun.

Aim for the skies with your customized wedding cake

A wedding is termed incomplete when there’s no cake involved. So shake things up a bit with classic wedding cakes that have been styled with customized cake toppers. And not just any cake topper. Unique customized designs and graphics that you’ve never seemed before yet carry special meaning to your relationship as a couple.

Incorporate a little bit of you into your wedding favors

Who doesn’t love wedding favors in today’s time? And what better way to bid farewell to guests and thank them for their attendance than by adding your personal style into their favors? Whatever you love, add that into their bag. Some great ideas to experiment with include wooden USBs, engraved with your initials for that extra special touch. These can contain your wedding music, movie clips or simply videos too.