A Guide to Most Popular Wedding Video Styles

As days go by, seasons change and so do trends. The advent of modern technology has brought about an era where videographers are forced to adapt to a plethora of wedding video styles.

The year 2018 has begun with a bang and as we approach midway, weddings are getting bigger and better than ever and so are wedding photography and their compliment video making techniques too. So what’s trending this year in terms of wedding video styles?

To help you figure that out, we’re listing the greatest advancements in ideas and techniques that wedding videographers are utilizing to please brides and grooms every step of the way. Let’s take a look.


Journalistic wedding video styles are sometimes referred to as reportage too. Here, your wedding videographer will manage to capture events as they occur throughout the day.

When edited appropriately using a linear fashion, you’re bound to end up with a video that showcases all your morning preparations in the beginning and ends on your evening reception’s highlights.

Some Journalistic videos recorded can feature interviews of the bride, groom and their guests too. This can include general comments for the day or celebratory wishes for a prosperous married life ahead from guests.

Indie Documentaries or Cinematic Style

Considered as an impressive form of making wedding videos, Indie Documentaries are giving filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their skills when it comes to wedding photography too.

So what’s the end product you may ask? It’s a short independent film that explains the story of your wedding day with an impeccable portrayal of characters, conversations, reactions and a whole lot of emotions.

The end product is designed to give viewers a real sense of attachment of not only the footage of the big day, but much more beyond that. Obviously this means videographers are putting a lot of effort and time in the editing room. And for couples, that indirectly spells out higher costs. But with a finished product as magnificent as this, it’s truly an investment worth cherishing upon.

Wedding Trailers

Add a dramatic spin to your big day coverage via the use of a wedding trailer. This comprises as a highlighting feature that previews your wedding video in a glorious manner.

The trailer is created usually a few weeks after the wedding is done and over with. The intention is to make the viewer, in this case your family and friends want to witness the wedding video even more. It’s similar to the anticipation built up for movies galore.

The wedding trailer will usually contain a few emotional segments carrying sentimental value for the couple and their family members, all without giving much away from the video itself. This is all set against a rousing soundtrack of course.

Another great concept is for couples to share a link to their trailer on thank you cards passed out after the wedding. And if that’s not enough, how about those ever so popular one minute trailers on Instagram. It’s just a unique and exciting element if we must say so ourselves.

Aerial Videography styles

Allow your wedding day’s biggest moments to be captured using a higher perspective with aerial videography styles. We’re talking breathtaking images that add a dynamic element and wow factor to your wedding day footage.

Drones are being used to give couples’ illustrative and dynamic videos that are second to none. They’re similar to displaying astonishing scenic content of the biggest day of your life.

Aerial snapshots are great for both destination weddings or the usually ones held in your place of origin. They just manage to captivate the viewer with glimpses of your gorgeous venue in sheer style and amazement.

Short Form

Short form is an ever so popular video style for weddings. Short forms consist of a highly edited version of your wedding video. That means each video lasts for a mere 15 to 20 minutes at max.

You don’t have to make viewers sit through long wedding speeches and ceremony vows. Just a small glimpse of it all does the trick. And if you’re lucky to be blessed with a good videographer, you’ll be liable to get a DVD that contains the event in its complete entirety as a keepsake for you and your partner.

Trash the dress

Add a playful touch to your wedding video by incorporating a fun element known as the trash the dress video.

Once the wedding is over, you being the bride have to handle a wedding dress that’s going to be sitting in your cupboard for years. So why not mix things up and let out that steam that’s been building inside during the wedding planning process by trashing your dress. Yes literally destroying your dress but with style of course.

The video can go in all sorts of crazy and creative directions. You can wear the dress and stand in the middle of the ocean, jump in a huge pile of mud, roll over paint or go horse riding too. The choice is all yours as you have no one stopping you from doing what your heart desires today. It’s just a wonderful keepsake that you don’t have to share with anyone but those nearest and dearest!

3D Photo Montage Show

Here, still images are taken before the wedding of course and manipulated in a digital manner to appear in a three dimensional form. Let’s not forget an array of special effects and appropriate background music too.

So what’s the end result you might ask? Well it’s a small movie that can be played on your wedding day for guests to enjoy. To save up on costs, many couples don’t actually include shots taken right before the wedding. They instead pick out snaps from their lives that they would like to share with the audience invited on their big day.

So if you happen to be looking for an awe inspiring factor at your wedding, why not consider a 3D photo montage show. We believe it’s something that will sweep guests right across their feet, an investment worth pondering upon too.