Summer Wedding Trends 2018

With the glistening summer heat upon us all, there’s no stopping summer brides from going all out and about this season with wedding planning trends sure to captivate audiences all across the board.

It’s all about vibrant color schemes, graphic designs, awe-inspiring themes and innovative takes on fashion that will surely heat things up on your big day. From food and décor to wedding photographers and videographers galore, we’re listing all the secrets to wedding summer success. So let’s add a little oomph to your summer celebration with the season’s hottest wedding trends for 2018.

Say hello to bright, bold and beautiful color palettes

Vibrancy is the call of the day when it comes to color schemes for your summer wedding glory. Top wedding planning experts have traded in nudes and neutrals with eye-grabbing blues, fuchsia, oranges, and yellows. The tip to pulling off this bold affair is sticking to several hues that blend seamlessly together. Another fabulous tip is to play with shades of the same tone. Work color into just about everything. This includes linen, wedding invitations, menu cards, floral and your bridesmaids’ dresses too.

Replace fabric drapery with luscious greenery

A major trend this summer 2018 for weddings is botanical bliss. Outdoor weddings are being revolutionized with clear tents housing luscious greenery installations. Greens give weddings a fresh and organic appeal, not to mention those natural heartwarming vibes. You can add elegant natural centerpieces comprising of moss or grass to your tables or install captivating floral and vine hangings from your ceiling. The choice is all yours.

Brace yourselves as balloons are making their way into weddings this season

If you think balloons are reserved solely for birthday purposes only, think again. Balloons are making their way with a bang into weddings like it’s a statement. To add a fun yet chic element to décor, experiment with installing balloons with an artistic flair. We’re talking white and cream hues, mixed and matched with metallic colors. Be creative with your approach. Balloon ceilings and balloon walls strike as a fascinating photo backdrop.

Pre-wedding photo shoots are rapidly entering into this season’s western nuptials

Considered as a norm in the South Asian and Chinese cultures, pre-wedding photo shoots are now trending in the western world too. Many summer brides are feeling the need to dress up their best a few days before the actual event takes places so they can enjoy their big day. But that means spending a little extra on wardrobe and hiring an elaborate wedding photographer and videographer team too. How interesting don’t you think?

Give guests a sugary surprise with quirky dessert tables

Allow guests to enjoy your summer celebration by opting to go for a spin on the traditional last course we all love, desserts. Although wedding cake is adored by many, 2018 is calling couples to opt for dessert tables that are fun, elaborate and oh so delicious. Get experimental with your selection. Choose from an array of sweet delicacies that comprise of cheesecakes, flavorful cookies, crunchy macaroons, sugary meringues and a flavorful wedding trifle to stir things up in the mix. It’s truly a sweet and dreamy affair.

Wedding stationary done right

Summer season calls for innovation galore. And this 2018, wedding planners are pulling out all the stops to make sure your event is remembered for all the right reasons. Pair up subtle elegance with a touch of edginess this season with stationary trends worth every glance. Give guests a tactile firsthand experience with funky textural elements being incorporated into wedding invites, menu cards, placement cards, thank you cards, etc. And if that’s not enough, go the extra mile with watercolor designs, marble effects and daring black and gold invitations to set the right tone for your summer event. There are a plethora of creative innovations to choose from.

The larger the bouquet, the better

Gone are the days when petite bouquets were termed sweet and lovely. This summer 2018 is calling for brides to adorn stunningly created cascading bouquets. Allow your florist to mix an array of fresh seasonal blooms, comprising of breathtaking hues and a splash of the trending greenery too. And remember bride-to- bes, the bigger the better!

Summer bridal dress trend alert for 2018

Throwing the best summer wedding definitely calls for brides to appear their best and with all eyes on the bride, bridal fashion is going celestial chic. From puff sleeves to edgy jackets, wedding dress designers have infused Bohemian vibes with edgy designs to create a look that’s not only unique but stunning too. Flowy gowns depicting starry elements that are cinched at the waistline were a common sight to see at fashion weeks all across the globe. Every dress accentuated those gorgeous feminine silhouettes in an impeccably graceful manner.

Versatility is the way to go for bridesmaids’ attire

With a new season comes a new trend. And this year, wardrobe for bridesmaids are going through revolutionary revamping like never before. You don’t actually need to make bridesmaids wear dresses. Bridesmaids’ pants as either separates or a complete jumpsuit is a trend surely worth considering this summer season. And if you’re still thinking twice on the above-mentioned notion, stick to less bold yet versatile trends that include wrap dresses in graceful jewel-toned colors. If you happen to host a wedding in the slightly cooler months, velvet is the fabric to opt for.

Burgundy is trending as the new blue in menswear wedding fashion

We don’t think the classic blue suit has completely been replaced just yet, but it’s the rise of the burgundy hues for men’s fashion trends this summer 2018. It’s an absolute win-win situation to witness your team of boys dressed to impress in a color that’s moved into a deeper direction.

Wedding photographers are using smoke bombs to take imagery to a whole new level

Smoke bombs at summer weddings this year are a major yes for couples who wish to add color to their wedding album. Did we mention the added benefit of keeping your wedding party entirely entertained? This photography tactic is also a great manner of capturing those alluring candid shots that couples absolutely love.

With some unexpected twists on the traditional wedding norms, wedding planning experts are making sure this season is bigger and better than ever. Prepare to be taken aback by the abundant trends in vogue for summer weddings this 2018.