Best Places to Propose in the USA

Falling in love is something every couple dreams of in their lifetime. The thought of spending the rest of your life with that special someone is no longer a farfetched reality once you hit your mid 20’s.
After you’ve found your life partner, the next step usually revolves around getting engaged. And no matter how many romantic movies you’ve come across, nailing that perfect ‘will you marry me’ scene isn’t as simple as it may seem.
Although the feelings you express may differ from person to person, getting the time and place on point is more important than ever. And that’s exactly where we step in. From seamlessly stunning skylines and lush greenery to breathtakingly beautiful architecture, we’ve nailed the most memorable spots just for you. For all the couples planning on sealing the deal this season but aren’t too sure about an ideal setting for the ultimate proposal, here are the best places to propose in the United States. You can thank us afterwards!

Chicago- Home to architectural fantasy and heaven for foodies

If you happen to have a flair for architectural goodness, Chicago is surely the place to be. The stunning gallerista and impeccably designed dining areas are just some of the many attractive wonders of the state. And if you happen to be on the lookout for the perfect urban holiday, this windy city is your best bet at making the perfect move.
Some great options to look forward to include the boardwalk, present towards North Avenue Beach or for a more stunning outlook- Alder Planetarium will set the ultimate tone for the evening with its gorgeous views of the skyline and the blue waters present.
We also recommend lovebirds to witness the Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo. Couples get fascinated by this serene setting that allows them to soak in this special moment with one another.

Nantucket, Massachusetts- charming seaside appeal sure to win over anyone

Considered as one of the most stunning summer getaway destinations in America, the Nantucket Island is located off Cape Cod’s coast. The area is renowned for being flooded with seamless historical gems as well as sheer romantic vibes.
Couples can wander off to Steps beach where they get a glimpse of the fabulous views of Nantucket Sound as well as the Great Point. Once the sun goes down, beautiful bioluminescent creatures appear in the waters, adding a magical touch during your stay.

New York City- A romantic affair in a city that never sleeps

We’ve got to admit it, there’s just no place like New York City. From relaxing strolls down Central Park in the noon time to relaxing out at Williamsburg Waterfront to energetic experiences at the ever so popular Times Square, this city is truly the place to be. Considered as a destination that never sleeps, you can work your way into discovering the countless offerings that work to give the city its claim to fame.
Ideal locations for proposal include the iconic and serene Central Park Bethesda Fountain and its Terrace to the fascinating DUMBO promenade. Brooklyn’s pebble beach manages to grant couples with a surreal view of Manhattan and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

Austin- Whimsical spontaneity, surrounded by a chic atmosphere

From delectable dining destinations to live music bands, chic shopping locations and welcoming faces all around, there’s no surprise why Austin has made it on our list. And what’s the best place to be for couples? Well it’s got to be the crowned Botanical blissful Gardens of Zilker. You’ll find lush greenery and serene waterfalls, all surrounded by a peaceful ambience like no other. Imagine a romantic stroll with your loved one after popping the big question. It’s a sheer treat indeed.

Boston- Culture oriented destination, surrounded by sheer romanticism

Soak up some sun along the city’s fascinating brick buildings, cobblestone streets or grand stately institutions as you make your way past Freedom trail in Boston. Fan Pier Park gives couples a great opportunity to witness the gorgeous skyline and views of the harbor at Harbor Walk- an ideal destination to pop the big question!

San Francisco- Unraveling a hidden treasure, amidst a gorgeous coastal city

San Francisco is home to a series of hidden treasures and its unique neighborhoods are no exception. Take plenty of time out to allow for exploring done at your own timely pace. And for the actual proposal, we recommend a splendid romantic spot that’s none other than Ocean Beach. Gorgeous surf and beautiful seabirds surround the location, giving you a fabulous feeling of tranquility with a person that’s nearest and dearest to your heart. The beach is located next to the renowned Golden Gate Park. And if that doesn’t float your boat, why not check out Baker Beach for seamless views of Golden Gate Bridge and romantic picnics too.

Los Angeles- Romantic beach walks and a city that’s bursting with charm

The inviting beaches and splendid sunny weather of Los Angeles is the ultimate call for couples to make their next big move in a city whose presence bustles with eclectic charm. Santa Monica Pier is surrounded by a magical setting that comprises of a wonderful skyline, beautiful beach and a sunset that puts all others to shame.

Honolulu- Stunning tropical flair with gorgeous island views

A tropical setting that’s fit for paradise is how we’d describe Honolulu as an ideal destination for couples to make their next move on their journey together. The thought of soft white sand, breezy winds and the gorgeous views of Mokulua islands with their long palm trees is a sheer treat for the eyes and the soul. The Beach Rock Wall of Waikiki is another romantic spot, sure to set the perfect mood for the big step ahead.

Philadelphia- Innovative restaurant experiences coupled with cultural vibes in heartfelt places

Termed as a city that’s on the rise, Philadelphia has plenty of spots for couples to seal the deal in absolute glory. There are a number of galleries, star studded dining spots and art museums that will surely be worth your while. Liberty Bell, Rodin Museum and the grand Mural Arts Tour are just a few stunning examples of what we’re referring to.