Pros and Cons of 2018 Wedding Photography Trends

As 2017 has successfully drawn to an end, it’s the rise of wedding photography trends galore for the year 2018. There are a number of techniques and styles being used by wedding photographers that have taken off with a bang.

Although the world of wedding photography continues to keep revolving as we speak, some are termed as hits while others fall short and are witnessed as misses.

So if you happen to be getting married this year and need to find out what’s trending as of now, you’ve come to the right place. We’re listing the pros and cons of 2018’s wedding photography trends. Let’s take a look.

After the wedding photo sessions

This may sound skeptical to many and to let you in on a little secret, it did to us too at the start! But the actual concept comprises of a unique idea. The idea is related to conducting a photo shoot, about one to two days after the actual wedding ceremony has taken place.


• Your wedding day is bound to be super hectic and tiring. With so much pressure on both the bride and groom to look their best, let alone meeting and greeting a plethora of guests is exhausting as it sounds. With a post wedding photo shoot, you’re more at ease and relaxed as you’ve got nothing to worry about.

• Weddings can be an emotional rollercoaster. With so much to worry about, there’s no way you can enjoy your wedding shoot on the wedding day. Things are remarkably different with a post wedding shoot. Here you can go crazy and let your imagination run wild with extensive shot delivery.

• You can solely focus on delivering your dream photos after the wedding has taken place. There’s no rush at all.

• You being the bride, get the opportunity to flaunt that dress one more day in absolute style.


While there are a plethora of advantages to take heed of, after the wedding photo sessions are bound to cost you more. You’re doing everything all over again. Hiring photographers, makeup artists and stylists doesn’t come cheap. And when you’ve got a budget to stick to, this is just another headache up your alley.

Bridal Portraits

Every wedding’s showstopper is undoubtedly the bride. Using an amalgamation of artistic styles to capture the bride in her own essence and originality, using bridal portrait sessions is the call for the day this 2018.


• You can say goodbye to traditional rigid and boring shots with the bride staring straight at you.

• The bride can bid farewell to hours of uncomfortable and long photo sessions

• Using this technique, photographers can capture brides in every bit of her raw emotion. It’s like reliving the moment there and then for brides.

• Bridal portraits are the ultimate keepsake for not only the husband and family members, but for the bride herself too. It’s a treat to relish looking at pictures that bring about the essence of ‘being a bride’ for the rest of her life.


• Not too many brides and grooms as a matter of fact are keen on being photographed separately. Weddings are supposed to be tackled as a couple and not independently.

• Bridal portraits are a specialty that only the finest photographers can carry out to artistic perfection. And that comes with a whole lot of editing and extra costs.

No wedding albums

There was an era where a wedding was termed incomplete without the presence of a wedding album. After all, they were the focus and highlight for every wedding occasion out there. But in today’s modern era, wedding photography trends are slowly changing.

Wedding photographers are now providing couples’ with a copyright that allows them to print out their photos whenever they desire to do so. With this great flexibility, many couples pass on obtaining a complete album fixed with their big day pictures.


• Wedding albums don’t come cheap. Couples must pay for additional making charges and editing that comes along with producing a wedding album. So that means saving up on photography costs big time.

• If you’re not big on taking photos in general, a wedding photo album is a waste of useful space and monetary resources.

• You are being given a DVD or CD complete with your wedding picture collection. You can choose to print out the best ones and get them framed as opposed to getting an entire album constructed.


• You’re saying goodbye to something that could potentially be passed on from one generation to the next. It’s always great to show your kids your wedding album, not to mention that feeling of nostalgia that comes with looking at wedding day pictures.

• Wedding albums are easily transportable while a CD/DVD can easily get lost or destroyed.

• Very few computers and software these days contain a drive for CDs and DVDs. This form of technology is slowly dying.

• Very few couples actually print out their wedding pictures later on. They get so busy in life that the CD ends up in the junk drawer, all dusted.

Same day edits

Same day edits are one trend that is gaining a whole lot of attention this season. And we don’t blame them one bit. How fascinating would it be to get your photos on the same night as your wedding?


• You can now share pictures of things like getting ready and moments of the ceremony itself during your wedding reception, using a slideshow to entertain your guests..

• It’s an intriguing notion to be given photographs that have been edited there and then. It’s something truly unique and original that will certainly drive praise out of the audience attending..

• You don’t have to wait long weeks or even months to get your wedding photographs edited to perfection. Same day edits means being given a soft copy of all your precious moments to enjoy on the same night as your big day. How rare is that!.


• Yes the idea is definitely a unique one, but boy does it come with a price tag.

• Same day edits can impact the overall quality of your photographs. Your main photographer is probably in a backroom somewhere, editing and making slideshows. And that means you’re given a second photographer to capture the moments of your big day.


Couples want their wedding photographers to post at least 10 to 20 fully edited pictures after the wedding night has officially ended. So what’s our take on this? Let’s find out.


• Teasers are a great way for couples to showcase anticipating moments from their big day. It increases the excitement for the wedding photographs in general.


• Although teasers might seem simple, they’re actually not. Teasers require a whole lot of extra effort, time, staff and equipment to be carried out to perfection. And obviously that comes at a hefty price tag too.

There you have it. 5 wedding photography trends that is sure to make it big this year. While some are being termed as more popular than others, it will be interesting to see which ones actually gain blaze and which ones fade out.