Wedding dresses

Any bride-to-be wants to look perfect and irresistible in front of her husband, relatives, and friends. Right chosen wedding gown is the most important thing for reaching this aim. Perfect wedding dress should flatter bride’s figure as well as show her unique style. The best patterns of wedding gowns are mentioned below.

Vintage wedding dresses

Such gowns are perfect choice for brides who want to capture the romance of the past. Top fashion designers say that very vintage wedding dresses create feminine and elegant look. Different brides usually look alike in modern wedding dresses. But bride in vintage wedding dress is inimitable because it’s hard to find another bride wearing that same pattern.

Great variety of vintage wedding dresses is offered to brides. Patterns of 1920s have lace and bead embellishment, short front and longer back, as well as feather accessories. Vintage wedding dresses in style of 1930s are distinguished by bias cut, defined waist, and artificial silk. Wedding gowns of 1940s are well-known by simplicity, full tea length skirt, and flower corsage pinned in jacket. Designers of 1950 suggested brides to wear dresses with full circle skirt, tight fitting waist, and gloves.

Off-the-shoulder gowns

Wedding dresses of this type are sexy, romantic, feminine and elegant. Brides may show a little skin in a way that will not make grandma uncomfortable. The most popular patterns of such wedding dresses are: strapless gowns, soft-sleeved dresses, one-shoulder gowns, and strapless ones but with lace sleeves of different length.

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are good for brides who have beautiful shoulders and flawless skin. Lace sleeves are for brides who can’t boast perfect skin. It’s good idea to visit beauty salon long before wedding for skin to be lovely. Brides with full breasts should find bra that stays firmly in place and not slip. Nice jewelry (earrings, necklace, brooch, etc.) is to be chosen for off-the-shoulder wedding dress.

Colored wedding dresses

White is known as timeless and forever classic color for wedding dresses. But during the last few years brides-to-be want to show unique style different from others. That’s why fashion designers offer a lot of stylish colored wedding dresses. Brides who dare to be different and want to be a star bride will be glad to know about various kinds of colored wedding dresses that are to satisfy brides’ tastes and demand.

Shades of pale pink, nude, light lavender, and mint green are alternative to traditional white color while maintaining classic bridal look. Wedding dresses with tinted underlay, showing glimpse of shade through ivory skirt, are great idea for modest and tender brides. Bold brides may wear red, purple, pink, blue wedding dresses. Extra bold brides will like glam gold or metallic bridal dress.

Feel comfortable and irresistible in your wedding dress and you will be the happiest and the most beautiful bride on your big day.