Top Tips to Make Sure You Have a Stress Free Wedding Day

That day has finally arrived where months of hard work, stress, planning and sleepless nights have led up to an event worth cherishing for the rest of your lives. Whether you’re the bride or the groom, there’s a lot of pressure to execute an event exactly the way you imagined it to be in the first place.
You’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort to ensure every little aspect related to your big day is nothing short of perfection. And when that moment is almost here, you’re bound to be anxious, nervous and excited too, let alone feeling the pressure related to it all.
The wedding day can be an emotional roller coaster for many couples out there today and we can totally relate as to why. It’s the true test of patience and planning. But the real question worth pondering upon is whether you wish to remain stressed out or hope to tackle things a little differently.
If you’ve chosen the latter, we’ve got some great news for you. Weddings are supposed to be enjoyed by not only the guests, but the hosts should be involved too and in this case, the bride and groom. It’s a day you’ll look back upon and smile so why not turn it into the best moment of your lives.
Stress free weddings are easier said than done but in our case; we’ve taken all the advice from the professionals in the wedding business relating to how you can enjoy your big day. So let’s take a look!

Meditate out all of that negative energy

When there’s so much going on in your head, you’re bound to develop negative thoughts and opinions. So what’s the best way to rid stress and all of that negative emotion? Simple, meditate and allow all of that negative energy to be channeled in an outward direction.

Sooth out your ambiance with softening scents

Lavender is great for adding a soul soothing touch to anyone’s mood, especially those in times of stress. Other than that, jasmine, basil as well as chamomile have proven to contain immensely relaxing benefits too. All you need to do is dab some fragrant oil of rose or lavender for example on your wrist and allow the magic to take place. You can even light up a fragrant candle in your room when getting ready and watch your mood change swiftly.

Don’t lose touch with the person you love most- Your fiance

No matter how stressful times may get, it’s always great being in constant reach and in contact with your fiance. Over the phone or using text, let them in on whatever problems you may be facing last minute. Sharing problems always distribute the burden and grants you a higher probability of finding a convenient solution.

Adopt a mantra and stick to it

Tired of an individual constantly nagging towards you regarding every last thing imaginable? It’s easy to shift track and defocus from the task ahead during stressful times such as the wedding. So why not adopt a mantra by going to your solitary spot and try to shut your eyes. Breathe inwards thinking about things that make you feel good and then work your way towards breathing outwards with the thought that you’re at peace. This form of mantra has successfully served well for those monks as well as yogis in the distant past. They serve as an excellent means of developing calm.

You’re allowed to take good care of yourself

Exercise and stretching have shown to not only increase blood circulation but uplift your mood and distress those busters developing inside your mind, body, and soul. Take a walk at a nearby park, opt for a morning run or simply stretch those muscles out for a feeling that’s second to none.

Give yourself room to breathe- it’s okay to be a little nervous

Nervousness is totally normal, especially if you’re going to be the center of attention as either the bride or groom. Those jitters are all a part of the fun that prepares you for the big day. As we mentioned before, weddings are an emotional rollercoaster. They encompass fear, joy, excitement and more. Learn to acknowledge these types of feelings as they’re a part of life. Give yourself room to breathe and come to the realization that’s it’s all absolutely normal.

Note down all of your feelings

Journaling has been shown to be a safe, healthy and accessible method to go and express those thoughts boggling your mind. After all, they say bottling up all your emotions can be disastrous for mental health. The first step to solving your problem is identifying what’s exactly bothering you and then work your way towards addressing the solution for the problem.

Delegate last minute tasks amongst loved ones

Task delegation is a method proven to help brides and grooms rid their stress from all the months of wedding planning. You’re bound to be overwhelmed with so much going on so the more reliable the helping hands available, the better. Always remind yourself that you’re one human being and you can’t control everything. Enlist all your close friends and family members to come over and let them perform short errands or tasks that you’d otherwise be doing. This includes last minute checks on the wedding vendors and final detailing.

Pamper yourself well

Pampering yourself before the big day arrives has proven to work immensely well for brides across the globe. Whether you choose to do your nails with the girls, indulge upon a rewarding massage, relax at the spa or simply treat your skin with a facial at the salon, the options to choose from are unlimited. And above all, keep reminding yourself that during times of distress, pampering isn’t termed as a luxury; it’s actually a necessity that does wonders to your high stress levels. And for those who aren’t in the mood to leave their homes or hotel rooms, the good old bathtub filled with warm water, scented candles, your favorite bubble bath, and a little music is sure to do the trick.