Wedding Planning Timeline


Weddings are probably one of the most important events to take place in an individual’s life. It’s a day couple’s dream of since childhood and one that marks a new beginning to a lifetime worth cherishing with one another.

As soon as those engagement parties are done and dusted with, it’s time to get that wedding planning on the go. After all, with so little time and so much to do, anyone would feel the pressure.

So what’s the secret to wedding planning success? Well, it’s actually not too complicated if you’ve organized yourself from the start. Whether it’s the venue and budget to little elements like the cake and music, there’s a lot that can be done within a short amount of time.

So sit back and relax as we unveil the best tips and tricks to wedding planning success. We’ll show you what to plan and when to plan it with sheer convenience. After all, its days like these you’ll look back on and smile. Trust us when we say you’re in the best of hands! Let’s take a look.

Sort out your guest list a good one year in advance

Experts in the wedding industry recommend that you get that guest list draft up and running. As simple as it may sound, figuring out who you should invite and who’s bound to be left out can be daunting for many individuals out there. Surround yourself with people you love and those individuals that adore you too. It’s not necessary to include all the people you go to church with or those at the workplace!

Set that budget from the start

Knowing how much you can spend and are willing to spend makes the entire wedding planning process so much easier and fun. Sort out whether you’ll be equally dividing the expenses as a couple or if the bride’s side will be taking care of that like ancient tradition. Sit down parents from both sides and discuss it out. Be polite and listen before voicing out your opinions.

Venue selection is key

Alongside the budget and guest list, selecting your venue is essential from the beginning. You need to consider a venue that’s able to accommodate your guest list, budget, décor preferences, wedding style, locality and the weather/season of course. Steer clear of holiday weekends to avoid skyrocketing fares. Only when the venue has been confirmed can you work to confirm your wedding date.

With 12+ months remaining, hire your wedding planner

For those avoiding the DIY route, hiring your wedding planner a good one year before the actual wedding is so important. An experienced wedding planner can work to get you vendors at the most negotiable prices, saving you from extra stress and costs too.

Assemble that wedding party from the beginning

The ones closest to the bride and groom should be informed immediately that they’ll be the attendants. It’s not necessary that your bridesmaids and groomsmen are even in number. Remember, not all of your loved ones are bound to come in matching sets so neither does your wedding party have to do so either.

With 9+ months to the wedding, start registering

Guests love to shower the soon-to-be married couple with gifts, starting from when the first wedding party is thrown. Get that wish list up and running before it’s too late. You’ll make your lives and the guests’ so much more convenient by doing so.

It’s time for the bridal dress at 9+ months

Most bridal wedding gowns require at least 9 months for it to be tailored to perfection. Also by early selection, you’re ridding yourself from paying extra fees. If you’re super rush on time, don’t panic. Purchase a sample off the rack or hunt down resale websites for the best buys.

Nail your bookings for the caterer, DJ, photographer, and wedding band at 9+ months

It’s not uncommon to find venues that don’t provide food at the venue so searching for catering companies at 9+ months into the wedding is a good idea. When selecting the photographer and videographer, ask for those who can shoot the entire wedding and not just its highlights. Don’t forget about the wedding band and DJ too. They’re great at setting the right tone for your wedding.

Help out guests

It’s so important to have guests accommodated to perfection via establishing your wedding website. Offer RSVP options and give them hints regarding travel information. They’ll be super impressed at your organization skills.

At 6+ months, it’s time to get that wedding stationary off the checklist

To give guests the first hint of your big day’s style, select your wedding invitations. Ensure that your selection depicts your theme and wedding style appropriately. After all, you wouldn’t want the guests to show up dressed inappropriately. This includes save-the-date cards, menus, name placements, etc.

Book your florist, hire the officiant and finalize the bridesmaids’ dresses at 6+ months

Yup! there’s a list of duties to be done and it’s to be finalized now to avoid last minute rushes. From bouquets to centerpieces, the florist needs to be booked and given a heads up on your theme. Don’t forget to pick out blooms relative to your season.

The officiant is also someone you’d like to book during this time period. You need to be aware of any legal requirements, official documentation and paperwork too.

And now the fun part, the bridesmaids dresses. From the hue to the style and with all eyes on team bride, you simply can’t ignore the details. Ensure all your maids get their gowns ordered within time.

With 4+ months, it’s time to finalize your honeymoon, dress fittings and plan that rehearsal dinner

Travel plans do require time so getting the destination of your choice for the honeymoon is better done now than later. It’s also the time period during which you should get your dress fittings done to rid yourself from wedding day tailoring disasters. And don’t forget that rehearsal dinner planning. Booking spaces and making dinner reservations take time.

At 2+ months: - It’s time to mail those invitations, book the stylists and finalize that ceremony

This is probably the last major task before you can actually enjoy all your wedding festivities in full fervor. Email your wedding invites to loved ones and get your makeup and hairstylists sorted out for the big day. Go through your ceremony as a couple and fine tune any last minute additions. Don’t forget to get into your wedding shoes and pick out all your accessories for the wedding. At the end of it all, congratulate yourself on a job well done and relish the moment ahead with a huge smile.