Latest Wedding Theme Ideas

1. Greenery Mother Nature had it right with greenery: it’s lush, it looks expensive, and it can be moulded to fit any area that you need to treat. It’s always a classic look and even though it’s now considered trendy, it will never go out of style.

2. Just like Mother Nature had it right with greenery, she didn’t let us down with fresh flowers either. A garden wedding is wonderfully romantic setting and fresh florals make all the difference. There are wide varieties of floral inspired invitations for this type of wedding that will leave your guests saying “simply beautiful” and they are sure to say the same about you on your wedding day.

3. Something completely charming about a barn wedding. Whether it is truly an old barn filled with many years of history or one that has been newly built to give you the feel of that nostalgia, a barn wedding is just filled with charm. Whether your invitation is romantic and elegant or something a bit more rustic, try to have an invitation that suits your barn wedding plans.

4. All that’s old is new again and that holds true for vintage inspired weddings. Whether it’s the colour palette that gives you the feel of vintage or you have antique furniture used to display desserts or dine upon, unique seating, vintage is hot right now.

5. All shades of neutral can be done so elegantly. It’s minimalistic yet it feels so grand. This colour palette works in almost every setting and our neutral invitations are sure to set the right tone for your big day.

6. For instance, you can DIY unique watercolour wedding. There are pretty fun ways to bring watercolour into your wedding, like watercolour invitations, watercolour table numbers, menus, and escort cards.

7. A boohoo wedding is best defined as eclectic. It’s an easy theme to pull off because everything doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, but when it all comes together it couldn’t match more perfectly.

8. For the brides that are lucky enough to have a beautiful forest for their backdrop for their wedding, the possibilities are endless. You have invited yourself into nature and forest weddings are best done when you work WITH the landscape and not against it. Pops of colour help define the space and candlelight gives a sense of romance that no building could ever hold.

9. Walking into a dream is exactly how I fairytale wedding should feel. A fairytale wedding is one of grandeur, lushness, and above all, romance. They call it the Big Day for reason, and a fairytale wedding lives up to that.

10. Ahhh…the tropics. Filled with sensuality, palm leaves, and bold splashes of colour, the tropics make for amazing vacations and even more amazing weddings.

First of all, it’s paper decoration, which quickly growing in popularity. Use paper for gorgeous backdrop, cake decor and etc. Rustic wedding become more and more popular. Greenery and wooden decorations perfectly fit for rustic theme. So second trend is greenery or wooden decorations. And the last is hanging decor. Elevate your wedding decor to the top or use tall flower or candles centrepieces, that creating cozy and comfort for your receptions.