Ways to use Your Wedding Dress after the Real day

Brides put in a lot of their time, effort and money in ensuring that their wedding dress is absolutely perfect. However, unfortunately, this amazing bridal gown, which is prepared with great effort, is worn just once on the wedding day, and after that, it simply sits in the storage and rots. Many brides like to store this dress properly and keep it as a memory of their wedding. However, all in all, this dress goes complete waste.

Finding your dream wedding dress is definitely up there with the most special moments of getting married and being a bride! But what do you do with your dress once the day is over?


Here’s an option for you: do nothing with it. If you hate the idea of doing anything drastic with it, then put it away in your cupboard. This way you can pull it out whenever you want – show your daughters, your granddaughters, and maybe even show yourself you can still fit in it.


The only purpose because of which a bride would like to spend her time and effort in preserving this huge bridal dress of hers is that there are many emotions and memories of the big day attached to this dress. We understand and respect these emotions and therefore, do not expect you to simply throw away the dress. Instead you can use the dress to make some bridal accessories, like use its material for making necklaces, etc. These accessories are much more practical and you can actually wear them to many different occasions in your life. This way, you would not only keep your wedding memories close to you, but be able to remember them a lot more often than a wedding dress, tucked in a closet will allow you to remember them.


But it’s not all about keeping it hidden away in your wardrobe. You can keep the whole dress intact – with no risks of moths feasting on it at all – by framing it. Why not give it pride of place in your living room!


Whether you give it to someone you know like your own daughter on her wedding day, or someone you don’t know, it’s lovely to know that your wedding dress will be put to good use and in a safe home.


Again, knowing your wedding dress has been put to good use will bring a smile to your face, we’re sure. If you don’t want a big dress taking up most of your space in your wardrobe, donating is a fantastic idea. Donate it to your local charity shop where you know it will be looked after and where you know the money for it will be put towards a good cause or a similar charity like Brides against Breast Cancer for example.


However, if you can’t bear the thought of parting with it even though you’ve got your hubby telling you it is too big for the wardrobe, recycle it! Transform it in to a quilt that you can pass down the generations, or if you would prefer something a little more personal, how about custom lingerie? Or a Christening gown for your child?


The most alternative option of them all – ‘Trash the Dress’ photoshoots have been known to take place after the ceremony or at the end of the wedding day! Whether this comes in the form of a romantic underwater shoot at your destination wedding, paint party or muddy country couples shoot, brides are letting go after months of stressful planning and adopting a reckless attitude to expressing their creative freedom! Don’t forget you’ll get some pretty unique wedding photos out of this too!