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Mr. Big & the Rhythm Sisters

  Website       USA, Pensacola, 32503     850.588.3493

About Mr. Big & the Rhythm Sisters

You want music, and you want it live. But you also want to know that the band you hire is worth every penny. Enter Mr Big and the Rhythm Sisters party band. Big band, big fun, huge value!

"Here is the difference… unparalleled… a rare find indeed! One of the elements that truly separate this act from all others is the extraordinary range and level of experience of the players and the musical prowess of each member. Mr. Big’s members hail from some ofthe most prestigious music schools and have been seasoned in the nation’s hottest cultural centers from New York to New Orleans. It is an intense love of music that drives a player to these heights of excellence and that joy of music making is the key ingredient in the fun and success of your event. Eight players of thiscaliber playing together every week… that’s the bomb!"

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