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Italy, Bellagio
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If you are planning to get married in Italy, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and romantic places that characterize this country, I could probably serve you as a professional photographer that will allow you to keep lasting memories of your beautiful party. Much more than any words, images have t...

Italy, Ceresole

Let us introduce ourselves. This is Vallone Films Team: Andrea and Alessia. Andrea is a self-made wedding videographer from Italy, who got into wedding videos through flying drones and aerial filming. He met Alessia, who is also a videographer, while shooting a wedding video and they have been toget...

Italy, Florence

Hi there! I'm Laura and I'm an Italian wedding photographer, based in my Tuscany. I love telling the story of your wedding day wherever you want because I love traveling and I'm in love with the love story! My photographic style is a mix of photojournalistic wedding photography and romantic co...

Italy, Toscolano Maderno

You have landed on our beautiful expression of love we call Missing Piece Films. Getting married and planning a wedding is a wonderful thing. Your consideration is appreciated and we thank you for taking the time to explore our work. We hope that one look will convince you that you are in the right...

Italy, Rome

Francesco Carboni is a talented wedding photographer in Rome but operates all over the world. He has many years of experience and creating services throughout Italy and Europe. Style: "I love photographing people, their emotions and making them revive through my shots. I like to work with a...

Italy, Lecce

I put at your service my experience and my sensitive nature, trying to capture and tell the emotions of your special day making them unique and unforgettable. Emotions, perceptions, moments … from small details to large spaces. I can tell your photographic story from Apulia to the beauties of It...

Italy, Pisa

We a studio called Duesudue and we provide Wedding Photography the whole destinations. We specialise in natural candid moments, relaxed and beautiful portraits and creative group shots. We'd love to hear from you.

Italy, Florence

Welcome to The Different Twins It’s all in the detail From glamourous designer events to chic wedding ceremonies We design and deliver all the magnificent creative details

Italy, Brindisi

Foto Tasco è uno studio fotografico situato a Brindisi e gestito da Vincenzo e Damiano Tasco, che nel giorno delle vostre nozze, vi seguiranno per raccontare con uno stile pulito e elegante tutta l'emozione che vi avvolgerà. Esperienza Damiano Tasco: Si avvicina al mondo della fotografia all'e...

Italy, Taviano

I create a photo shoot based on the ability of the photographer to capture the spontaneity of the subjects and their emotions, always maintaining total discretion. Great attention to detail, such as the wedding dress and veil, the wedding rings, the bouquet, the floral decorations, etc. The serv...

Italy, Trapani

Enrico Pollari is a photographic studio in Trapani that will deal with telling the best day of your life. Professional photographer since February 2007, his shots will immortalize the emotions and feelings of your wedding to make a day in which every detail will make a difference.

Italy, Milan

Wedding & family photographers available to cover beautiful and stylish weddings worldwide. The way we work is stylish, very romantic, storytelling and documentary, focusing on spontaneous moments and real emotions.

Italy, Milazzo

I live in a Sicilian town facing the Aeolian islands, I'm mainly inspired by its landscapes and faces of its people. I'm a photojournalist.

Italy, Taormina

International award winner wedding photographer, published by Vogue, global testimonial and only italian ambassador in wedding for Nikon corporation

Italy, Rome

" The desire to discover, the willing of the emotion, the taste of telling... " Helmut Newton

Italy, Reggio Calabria

Non ho idee quando impugno la mia reflex, ma appena poso l'occhio sul mirino tutto prende vita e ... il mio cervello comincia a pensare diversamente

Italy, Siena

wedding photographer in Italy since 1990

Italy, Milan

Sole and I have learned that we are a small part of this big world and there are millions of people with wonderful stories to tell. Through our films we can give voice to these stories, we can share values, captures emotions, explore new places and get to know new cultures. This is what we love t...

Italy, Rome

We are two passionate wedding videographers/photographers, based near Rome. Our passion is to tell stories with an authorial approach, with an authentic and elegant style. Our way of working is discreet and non-invasive, because we want to capture the natural beauty of your wedding day letting you b...

Italy, Ravello

People are at their most natural when they are relaxed, so my approach to weddings is as an observer, capturing the emotion and details, and those moments as unobtrusively as possible as the day unfolds, telling the story of your special day. I believe my friendly and enthusiastic approach translate...

Italy, Milan

I love documenting moments of life, but which often escape the attention of those living them, I capture these moments, store them and turn them into feelings, I create epiphanies. Weddings are my privileged area of experience as a photographer, it is the perfect synthesis of the great positive mome...

Italy, Caltagirone

Se siete in cerca di un fotografo che, attraverso le sue immagini, condensi le emozioni del vostro giorno più importante facendo risaltare il vostro gusto e l'emozione del momento, potrete affidarvi alla bravura di Francesco Rimmaudo. Questo giovane professionista di Caltagirone fin da piccolo di...

Italy, Rome

My photographic style: The thread of my every shot is the emotion. This can only be achieved by allowing people to really get excited! No unnatural poses therefore, static group photographs or pre-packaged serial shots. I prefer spontaneity and naturalness. The spouses will only have to be themselv...


❤️️ How many hours should you have a wedding photographer? ❤️️

An 8-hour package is usually enough time for an average-size wedding ( ~ 150 people)

❤️️ How many photographers are needed for a wedding? ❤️️

"BestWeddingCom" would recommend you to book only one photographer for your post wedding photoshoot but that photographer should be a professional one!!!

❤️️ What questions should you ask your wedding photographer? ❤️️

1. What style(s) do you specialize in? 2. What exactly is included in your packages? 3. How many weddings have you shot, and how many do you do in a year? 4. Are you involved with any professional organizations? Have you earned any certifications or awards? 5. Is there a place I can read some of client experiences, rave reviews etc.?